Estate Planning

"Using God-given abilities to manage God-owned property to accomplish God-ordained results."

Is Your House in Order?

If death occurs suddenly, there are six things that should be easily found among your personal effects:

   * An up-to-date will and letter of instructions
   * A list of insurance policies owned, with benefits, special provisions and how proceeds are payable
   * A list of investments
   * A list of assets and liabilities
   * A memorandum of general information and personal data
   * Instructions for your heirs

Why not take time now to make sure your house is in order? It will save your heirs and beneficiaries time and expense at the time of your death and will simplify the process of settling your affairs.

Nerus McEwen is available to discuss your needs and offer an estate planning guide to help you prepare your wishes for your attorney. You can contact her directly by email at or toll-free at 1-866-563-9114.

Nerus can also supply help with:

   *Estate Design
   *Gift Annuities
   *Life Estate Agreements
   *Revocable Trusts
   *Irrevocable Gifts
   *Direct Loans

CEF® has a newsletter designed to assist you in your estate and gift design. Lifestyle Giving is a free helpful planning letter available when you subscribe.